Tony LaThanh
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Touch supporting Duckpunk Productions
Underpass lead Dir. Rain Breaw
Night Boys lead Dir. Joseph DiCara
Last Call supporting Dir. Barry Poltermann
Rolling supporting Believe Entertainment
The Naked Ape lead Closed Door Productions
Code Pink lead Slanted X Films
Book of Rules featured Dir. Sung Kim
Guardian of the Realm featured Pirate Pictures
The List lead A Roy Woodard Film
The Gargoyle featured Dir. Bruce Lee
Chosen Life? featured White Tiger Entertainment
American Debate lead Eye 40 Productions


Drake and Josh co-star Dir. Adam Weismann


FOB lead East West Players
Shape of Things lead Hear and Now Theater Company
Soldiers Don't Cry principal LA African American Repertory
Here and Now ensemble Here and Now Theatre Co.
Freak Storm principal Lodestone Theatre Ensemble
The Magic Boat principal Theater of All Possibilities
Falling principal Theater Rice
Attempts on Her Life ensemble Custom Made Theater Co.
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